The MINACCI enterprise is created in individual form in 1980 and specialised in refurbishment of monumental buildings. Over the years the firm grew and enlarged its activity in the public sector whith road works, water systems, sewages and hydraulic settlements of rivers. Furthermore, a continual connection is on track with the metallurgical plant of SISMA s.p.a. with a team specialised in the field of works of the iron and steel sector. In 1989, the MINACCI enterprise from individual firm transformed into a limited company: MINACCI s.r.l. The company carries on the activity increasing various sectors including the one connected with civil works in dams.

Refurbishment of Castello Visconteo and Palazzo Pretorio, Vogogna (VB)

The firm, over those years, creates its steady team of employees highly specialised and acquires highly technological machinery and equipment, capable to operate in a precise and rapid way in all civil and industrial construction sectors. The company owns hangars for machinery as well as stores and workshops for maintenance and servicing of its machines. In the building new modern and functional offices were created, with the computer equipment supporting the technical and administration activity. MINACCI s.r.l. besides growing in terms of experience and appreciation of its customers, achieves currently a turnover of around 5 million dollars.